Southcenter Community Baptist Church

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30919 N.E. Carnation Farm Rd. Carnation, WA 98014
Jack L. (and Sarah) Moyer, Director
(425) 333-4311 (Phone or Fax)
E-Mail: Jack

Jack Moyer

Dear Parents:

Give your children an outdoor experience they'll never forget! Situated on the banks of the Snoqualmie River, Camp Gilead's 26 acres offer fun, safe, new activities designed to strengthen children's self-esteem and confidence while enhancing their personal relationship with the Lord.

Since 1948, Camp Gilead has faithfully presented the claims of Christ and challenged thousands of young people to follow him. While at Camp Gilead children enjoy a variety of exciting programs, speakers, and spiritual instruction that often provide life-changing results.

Jack L. Moyer, Director
Camp Gilead

Camp Gilead is fully supervised by a dedicated staff of counselors and activity leaders. Excellent role models for youth of all ages, they ahve been thouroughly trained to lead youngsters through a thrilling and inspirational camp experience.

Our purpose is to encourage kids to reach above and bayond their current physical, emotional, and spiritual status to achieve a whole new level of awareness of themselves and the Lord. And that, we believe is a quest definitely worth pursuing.

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